On the 9th August 2017, in the Hotel Bushi in Skopje workshop will take place that deals with the following parts of the project:

  • Development of Directive Specific Implementation Plans (DSIPs) for UWWTD and DWD – Task 4 and
  • Development of Strategic Framework for Sludge Management – Task 5

The aim of the Workshop is to:

  • Present the sludge management strategy: what is sludge, how it should be managed, legal and institutional analysis, sludge quality, expected quantities of sludge, sludge treatment options;
  • Present The Specific Implementation Plans for the Drinking Water Directive and Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive. These plans identify the needed infrastructure for the water sector through a list of investment projects, provide estimation of the investment costs, give an overview of possible funding sources, and assess a realistic timeframe for implementation. These plans will not only provide a basis for the negotiation process in relation to Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change, but also will guide the investment management and prioritization.

The workshop will be opened by Ms. Jadranka Ivanova, Head of EU Department and IPA Coordinator, MoEPP, while presentations will be conducted by  Mr. Jeremy Hall, Sludge Expert from Eptisa on Strategic Framework for Sludge Management and Mr. James Hunt, project Team Leader will make Summary of the National Water Study and DSIPs presentation.