Between the 6th and the 9h of June 2017 a study trip was organized to Portugal. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, other ministries and authorities as well as the project team were present in a program. The first day was spent at the premises of Sala Mário Ruivo in Lisboa, with the following segments: Welcoming address by the Secretary General of the Ministry for Environment, Mrs. Alexandra Carvalho; Presentation by Jaime Melo Baptista (Portuguese Commissioner for the WWF 2018) regarding the European Regional Process of the World Water Forum, Presentation by the country representative of the water sector and future perspectives on European Funds allocation to the sector and Presentation on Portugal 2020 by POSEUR.

The second part of the day was spent at the  Alcântara Waste water Treatment Plant where the representatives saw the presentation on “Portuguese water and sanitation services” – evolution of the sector in the last 20 years.

On the second day, 7th of June a presentation was held by David Alves (from the Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority), at the venue Salão Nobre in Lisboa on the subject of “The Portuguese water and sanitation regulation model”.

On the 8th of June the representatives were on a visit to Porto, where they gave a presentation after which  they Visited the Freixo Waste water Treatment Plant. The last day was used for training: Capacity and Capability Building Programme for Investment Project Management and in order to summarize the lessons learnt from the study tour.

On the link bellow pictures can be seen from the presentations as well as the Waste water Treatment Plants.